First and Only is the film adaptation of Peter Flannery’s brilliant thriller published through Amazon. The novel has had over 60,000 downloads with over 500 ecstatic reviews worldwide. It’s now is in the process of being turned into an exciting new film.

The film is currently in post-production.


A young man with exceptional powers is haunted by the murder of an old friend. He know’s the killer is still out there and that one day he will face him again. The only thing greater than his power is his fear of his dreaded foe and the only way that he can be stopped is for our young hero to give up his life.

Key people involved in the project are:

Simone Bett, producer @bettsimone Linkedin

An enthusiastic producer who has worked on over a hundred broadcast programmes, commercial films and corporate projects. As well as every corner of the UK, Simone has filmed in several European countries and in the USA and UAE. Clients have included Channel 4, BAE Systems, Kodak, BBC, Ministry of Defence, Rothschild and many, many more. Prior to going freelance, Simone was a company Director for a Scottish and London-based production company. Simone is working with Magnus Wake, to produce the feature film ‘First and Only’ (2016).

Magnus Wake, director www.magnuswake.co.uk @magnuswake Linkedin

Magnus is an award-winning director, producer and editor of commercials, broadcast television and corporate programmes. He’s also had experience of directing short films, musicals and producing shows in the Edinburgh Fringe (which sold 110% tickets!).

Peter Flannery, author Amazon author page

Peter is the top selling self-publishing author of First and Only. The book is available now from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US). Peter is currently working on new material and is very excited to see First and Only being turned into a major new British feature film.