First and Only – Directors Envy

Directors Envy

Are you interested learning more about filmmaking?

We have exclusive access to new independent film First and Only that will allow you to see what goes into making a film.

You’ll get exclusive access to a private website where materials from the film will be published. You’ll then be able to ask questions, comment and suggest ideas to the production team. You’ll also get a credit in the film as “Collaborating Director”

Screen shot from crowd pitch video

The content that will be put on the site will include:

  • Scripts
  • Agreements
  • Storyboards
  • Interviews
  • Draft edits from the cutting room

As part of the process we’ll be having interviews with the cast and crew about what’s happening and they role in the production process.

Shot of Peter being interviewed


>>Visit the campaign and get your Directors Envy!<<



Of course the production team will always have the final say but for  your chance to learn about filmmaking and help shape the movie check out our campaign now.

>>Visit the campaign and get your Directors Envy!<<