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Are you interested in publishing an e-book on Amazon’s Kindle system?

We’ve pulled together the experiences and knowledge of First and Only’s author, Peter Flannery, into one unique package. Peter successfully self-published and got his book to no. 1 in various Amazon listing as well as over 500 Amazon reviews with the majority of them being 5 stars.

First and Only on Amazon

The content contains a presentation with all Peter’s publishing stats and notes. Peter voices the presentation and gives background on what he found worked and what didn’t. A 20 minute interview video where Peter talks through his experiences with many tips on how to self edit your book. He talks about what websites he tried out and what he’s learnt from the overall experience.

Topics covered:

  • A summary of his experience and the reasoning behind the decisions he made
  • General observations about the self publishing market
  • His top tips for writing
  • His top tips for self publishing
  • His thoughts on reviews… the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Excel spread sheets showing 18 months progress of First and Only with notes and observations.
  • His hopes and plans for the future and what he might do differently

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More about Peter:

Author Peter Flannery

Peter Flannery lives in a small village in the Scottish Borders with his wife and two young boys. After leaving school he studied art and design before leaving college to work in forestry. However, during an accident at work he broke his neck and, after a month on traction and a year’s convalescence, he moved into horticulture before switching again to set himself up as a sculptor working for the toy industry.
A design studio in Edinburgh provided the opportunity to move from sculpting to writing and he became the lead writer for Target Games UK Ltd. He is now an independent writer working on a range of titles for both adults and children. FIRST AND ONLY is his first published novel.

More info from Peter’s own website:

>>Visit the campaign and get your Kindle Surprise!<<